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2018 Moonbeam Children's Book Award



7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Award 

WINNER of Children's Inspirational Category!

Purple Dragonfly Award 2019: FIRST PLACE in 3 Categories: 
Non-Fiction, Educational and Photography

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Madam President


The classic card game Old Maid has been turned on its head with Madam President!   


Because isn't about time a Madam President is in the cards?


Young Madam President is joinedby a diverse group of real girls and boys who promote positivity and possibilities on every card. The whole family will love this  entertaining game with a modern twist. Who will be the winner? The one who holds on to the Madam President card!


Even more fun with the included Matching Game!  

Madame Pres Card_2021-STRAIGHT.png
Inspector Card_FINAL for jpeg-01.png
Judge_FINAL for jpeg-01.png
Activist Card_FINAL for jpeg-01.png
Naval Officer_FINAL for jpeg-01.png
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F is for Feminist 

An A to Z Guide for Feminists of All Ages

By Kim Collins 

2018 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Gold Medal
Gold Medal Winner  Body/Mind/Spirit - Self-Esteem Category

7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Award
Winner  Children's Inspirational/Motivational Category

Finalist: Social/Political Change Category

Purple Dragonfly 2019

First Place: Children's Non-Fiction

First Place: Educational

First Place: Photography


Now Available!


Are you a feminist?  And what does being a feminist truly mean? Find out by taking an inspiring tour through the alphabet, discovering what girls are really made of and just how much equality matters!


Every page of F is for Feminist creates an opportunity to have meaningful discussions with girls and boys about feminism, empowerment, and the wonderfulness of being, knowing, or raising a girl!



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