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March 21, 2017

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March 8, 2017


Welcome to the Be A BOLD Girl Blog! I am new to the world of blogging so let me introduce myself.  I'm in the middle of the photo, above, that was taken with a group of amazing young women for my book.  I am married with two teenagers, a boy and a girl, and I have two cats (photos on the website) and a dog (he is new, so no photos up yet but he is awfully cute).  My son is soon off to college and my daughter is a sophomore in high school (I guess I should mention that they are pretty cute too:).  I started working on a book for girls a few years ago about American women who have done amazing things, titled Be A BOLD Girl (BABG).  The idea is to show girls what it means to be bold and to inspire them to carry the torch, so to speak.


The book is essentially ready to go, but the political climate in the past few months has made me re-think how to present it.  My 15-year-old daughter is fearful of our president, his policies, and what he represents.  She is worried about her future.  She has actually had nightmares about our current president and I know she isn't the only one.  I could not have imagined anything like what is happening in our country right now.  It is frightening for many of us.  I am deeply concerned for many people in this country and throughout the world, and in particular for my daughter, and for all of our daughters.


So this is my way of resisting and persisting and helping our girls do the same.  Be A BOLD Girl was originally written for girls ages 9-12 but I am breaking it up and reworking it to reach the 12 and up crowd.  The girls in this age group are old enough to understand what is happening and old enough to participate.  They are also the next generation of leaders and those who will bring about change.  They are the future.  BABG has always been about women who made America great and I'd like to add stories about women and girls who are taking steps today to keep it that way.  



That is where this blog comes in.  I'll be sharing stories about everyday females of all ages who are making a difference, big and small.  The first in the series of updated BABG books will focus on Human Rights (which of course includes women's rights!), Journalists, Educators, and Environmentalists, because I feel that at this moment in time those are the areas most at risk.  The book will include women who have made great strides in these areas and will detail how they did it.  Our girls must learn from our past to help them prepare for their future.  I will be sharing some stories that are in the news but I would really love to hear from you and your mothers, daughters, and friends.  We all know someone who is doing something.  An immigration lawyer, a girl at school making Muslims feel at home.  A journalist who keeps reporting and a girl who writes for the school newspaper.  A woman who carries on for our endangered environment, a girl who makes a difference in her community.  A teacher or a student who is managing the educational crisis in some way.  Feminism clubs, community outreach, fundraisers, and marches.  Women and girls who stand up for the environment, for free speech, and for the equality, fair treatment, health, and well-being of our entire community of women and girls, immigrants, LBGTQ+, teachers, and those of all religions.  It all matters.  

We have to show our girls what is possible.  Harriet Tubman watched her mother threaten a man who came to take another one of her children away to be sold.  The man left without a child and Harriet learned that she could resist.  Obviously, she took it from there.  I want to show our daughters as many examples as possible of how to stand up and be BOLD, and let them take it from there.

 I told my daughter the other day that often after something bad happens, good things come from it.  When we are forced to see the ugliness that exists in one person, we are then shown just how many good people surround us.  That is one of several goals of the BABG books, to show girls that good things often follow bad.  To show that good people surround us and will ultimately prevail.  Women have always made a difference in the world and they continue to do so.  Especially when bad things happen.  And bad things are happening right now so I'd like to share what girls are truly made of.  Can you help me do that?


Please tell me your stories and then share this blog post (by scrolling down all the way to the bottom and clicking on your social media site of your choice) with women you know and their daughters and ask them to do the same.  My hope is to share some stories here on the blog and some in the BABG girl book.  Photos are welcome and encouraged, as are videos.  I'd like to get this book out as soon as possible because it matters right now.  So please, share today!


To share a story with me, please email with the subject line: Making A Difference!


Thank you for reading my opening day Blog!  I hope you and your mothers, daughters, and friends return often and I look forward to hearing from you.  I promise the next blog post will not be so long. 


Thank you so much!


xx Kim Collins

Be A BOLD Girl!




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(Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions below or via the email noted above.  I'd love to hear from you.  Please keep it positive and clean!  If this isn't a vision that you share, just don't read it and certainly don't reply. This is a post for girls as well as women, not a place for political dissent, anger, or nastiness in any form.  Thank you!)


Top photo by Jeff Bartee Photography

Second photo courtesy of Carlmont High School to celebrate International Women's Day






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