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The Feminist Starter Kit

The Feminist Starter Kit


Five Empowering Accessories for Young Feminists!

This wonderful kit includes: 

  • "Make-Your-Own” Activist Sign
  • Rosie the Riveter Scarf
  • Supreme Court Justice Collar
  • Astronaut Helmet Mask
  • Stethoscope 


Quality Accessories created to be used again and again!

  • ACTIVIST SIGN - Make your own sign with the kit; and you can download designs from  
  • TWO LAYER Cotton Rosie the Riveter scarf.  
  • GENUINE LACE Collar with soft ribbon ties.  
  • DOUBLE FELTED Astronaut Mask.  
  • Lightweight, durable, latex-free STETHOSCOPE.
  • Bonus Feminist Starter Kit ribbon to use as a hair tie or however you choose!


The powerful messages included in this Feminist Starter Kit:

ACTIVISM: The ACTIVISM sign represents hope for and the power to change the world.

YES we can!: The Rosie the Riveter scarf is a feminist symbol that reminds girls that they can do anything.

MIGHTY: The Supreme Court Justice Collar wields MIGHTY powers that affect every single one of us.

S.T.E.M.: The Astronaut Mask is an entrance into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and to any life girls choose to live.

CHOICE: The Stethoscope represents CHOICE, in education and in life.

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